Top Best AI PowerPoint Generator Tools Reviewed

Making presentations is key for sharing knowledge, no matter the reason. But, designing slides that grab attention can take a lot of time. Thankfully, AI is here to help!

This article talks about the best AI tools for making PowerPoint slides. These tools make designing easier, create interesting content, and boost your presentation’s quality. They use artificial intelligence to make your slides better, which saves time and work.

These AI tools are great for students, professionals, or business owners. They make your work faster and your presentations more effective. Let’s explore the top AI PowerPoint generator tools changing the game today!

Plus AI – Best for Google Slides users

If you use Google Slides, Plus AI is a great tool for you. It lets you create full presentations or just single slides easily. You can also change the look of existing slides. Plus AI even lets you design your own themes, making your presentations unique.

Plus AI stands out because it works right inside Google Slides. This means you don’t need to switch tools to make your presentations. It offers advanced options for editing slides, ensuring your presentations look good and fit for any setting.

With Plus AI, making slides look great is easy. You can make them look however you want. Whether you’re into sleek, modern looks or bright, lively designs, you’re all set.

Working together on presentations is a breeze with Plus AI. Several people can edit the same presentation at once. It also works with Plus’s Snapshot technology, which automatically updates your data, saving you time.

Plus AI is affordable, starting at $15 a month. There’s also a free version, so you can try it without spending money.

With Plus AI, making impressive Google Slides presentations is quick and easy. It saves you time, makes your slides look better, and keeps your audience interested. Try this excellent AI tool for your next presentation.

Features of Plus AI:

  • Seamless integration within Google Slides
  • Generate full presentations or single slides
  • Rewrite and reformat existing slides
  • Design new themes using AI
  • Comprehensive AI slide editing features
  • Visually pleasing and customizable layouts
  • Easy collaboration
  • Integration with Plus’s Snapshot technology for automated data updates
  • Affordable pricing starting at $15/month
  • Free option available
Pros Cons
Seamless integration within Google Slides Limited AI content generation capabilities
Comprehensive AI slide editing features Chat-based interface can be confusing
Visually pleasing and customizable layouts Unclear functionality of AI
Easy collaboration
Integration with Plus’s Snapshot technology

Microsoft 365 Copilot – Best for PowerPoint users

Microsoft 365 Copilot shines for PowerPoint users seeking AI help. It does not match Microsoft’s first demos in depth. Yet, it still delivers essential features and functions.

Users enjoy Microsoft 365 Copilot for its scoped AI content-making capability. Every presentation gets a neat layout with three bullet points and an image. This guarantees a polished and uniform appearance.

The tool’s chat interface is a standout feature. But, it might be a bit tricky to grasp. And, it’s unclear what AI tasks can be handled.

Still, Microsoft 365 Copilot merges smoothly with PowerPoint. This lets users add AI-driven elements into their work easily.

The cost is $20-30 per user monthly with a year’s commitment. This makes Microsoft 365 Copilot a strong choice for PowerPoint enthusiasts looking to use AI in their slides.

Note: Microsoft 365 Copilot has its limits, so you may need extra tools or methods for more complex AI content creation and design tweaks.

AI PowerPoint creator

Pros Cons
Integration directly into PowerPoint Limited AI content generation capabilities
Standardized design layout Confusing chat-based interface
Professional and consistent look Uncertainty around AI functionality
Competitive pricing

MagicSlides – Best for non-traditional slides users

MagicSlides is an AI presentation helper for Google Slides. It’s great for those who like slides that are a bit different. It lets you turn simple text into interesting presentations. You can also make presentations from just ideas, and use AI to help with the layout and design.

This tool fits right into Google Slides. So, those who know Google Slides will find it easy to use. This means you don’t need to switch around different tools. It makes your work flow better.

You can change fonts and colors in MagicSlides. This helps you make your slides look just right, fitting your brand or personal style.

MagicSlides can quickly make content that fits your slides. This saves you time and energy. But, remember that this content might need some tweaks. Especially if you’re using it for school or work.

MagicSlides is quite affordable, starting at $16 a month. There’s also a free version. This lets you test it out to see if it’s right for your slide needs.

Key Features of MagicSlides:

  • Turn text into captivating presentations
  • Generate presentations from prompts
  • Customize fonts and colors
  • AI-powered content generation

AI Presentation Maker for Non-Traditional Slides

MagicSlides is perfect for creative types or anyone wanting to shine. With easy integration, options to make it your own, and help in creating content, it changes how you make presentations.

SlidesAI – AI Powered Text to Presentation

SlidesAI is built into Google Slides. It uses AI to make presentations from text. Whether it’s long documents or short prompts, it turns them into slides. This saves time and effort, making your slides look great.

Intuitive AI-powered Features

SlidesAI has features that make creating presentations easier. You can find and add pictures quickly. The tool also helps you rewrite text to be clearer and more impactful. Plus, you can paste text into it to create eye-catching slides.

AI Powered Text to Presentation

Varied Outputs and Customization

SlidesAI stands out by offering various slide designs. Each slide has headers for use alone or with your slides. This lets you mix AI-made and your own slides smoothly.

SlidesAI works well with Google Slides, but might need extra work for some uses. Yet, it’s user-friendly and full of strong AI features. It’s perfect for adding AI creativity to your slides.


SlidesAI has several pricing options. Prices start at $10 a month, so it’s budget-friendly for individuals and small teams. There’s also a free version to try without spending money. – Smart Assistant for Compelling Presentations is a smart tool powered by AI that helps you make great presentations. It gives smart design suggestions and has predictive features to make creating presentations easier. Users can even add their voice to presentations. has templates, analytics, and ways to share safely. Yet, some might feel it has fewer templates than other tools. Prices begin at $12 a month. They also offer plans for teams and businesses. - Smart Assistant for Compelling Presentations

Key Features of

  • Intelligent design recommendations
  • Predictive features
  • Voice narration
  • Templates
  • Analytics
  • Secure sharing options is made to make the process of creating presentations simpler. It offers AI-powered help and advanced features. The smart design suggestions can guide you on layouts, colors, and fonts for attractive presentations. Predictive features make designing faster and more intuitive. Plus, you can add your voice directly in the tool. has a lot of templates to help you make professional presentations fast. These templates fit many styles, like business, education, and creativity. But, some people might want more template options than what’s offered.

This tool also has analytics to check how your presentations do, giving insights on audience engagement. It lets you see things like views and time spent on slides. This can help you improve.

It’s key to share presentations safely, especially with team members or with sensitive info. has secure ways to share, letting you manage access and permissions.

“’s smart assistant feature has totally changed how I make presentations. The predictive features and design advice save time and improve my slides’ quality. Adding my own voice has been a big plus. is now my top choice for making presentations quickly and well.”
– Sara Thompson, Marketing Manager has pricing plans to fit different needs. With costs starting at $12 a month, it’s a budget-friendly choice for many. Whether you’re studying, working, or running a business,’s smart assistant can make your presentations better and more impactful.

Name Features Pricing
  • Intelligent design recommendations
  • Predictive features
  • Voice narration
  • Templates
  • Analytics
  • Secure sharing options
Starting at $12/month
Plus AI
  • AI presentation maker for Google Slides
  • Full presentation and slide generation
  • Rewrite and reformat existing slides
  • Design new themes using AI
Starting at $15/month
Microsoft 365 Copilot
  • AI presentation maker for PowerPoint
  • Limited AI content generation capabilities
  • Integrated directly into PowerPoint
  • Chat-based interface
Starting at $20-30 per user per month with annual billing
  • AI presentation maker for Google Slides
  • Turn text into presentations
  • Generate presentations from prompts
  • Adjust formatting using generative AI
Starting at $16/month
  • AI-powered text-to-presentation tool
  • Transform text into presentations
  • Generate slides based on documents or prompts
  • Image suggestions
Starting at $10/month

Slidebean – Startup-Friendly AI Presentation Creator

Slidebean is a top choice for creating presentations in startups. It’s built for founders, making it easy to design impactful pitch decks. This tool simplifies the whole process.

What sets Slidebean apart is how it divides content creation and design. Users can focus on their message. Meanwhile, the AI handles the design. This means anyone can make professional slides, no design skills needed.

Slidebean has many templates and design options. So, users can make their presentations fit their style and brand. It’s great for any type of presentation, from pitch decks to product launches.

Slidebean empowers startups by making the presentation creation process effortless, allowing founders to concentrate on what matters most – their business.

Slidebean also allows for importing content and team collaboration. This means everyone can help make the presentation better. It leads to a final product that is both cohesive and compelling.

Slidebean’s pricing starts at $199/year, with plans for every startup phase. Whether you’re just beginning or upping your presentation, Slidebean is ideal.

Slidebean Pricing:

Plan Monthly Price Annual Price
Starter $29 $199
Standard $49 $399
Plus $99 $699
Premium $199 $1,199

Tome – Collaborative AI Assistant for Presentation Design

Tome is more than just a tool for creating slides. It’s an AI-powered helper that builds presentations with you. With the help of ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 from OpenAI, Tome understands what you need. It then creates relevant content for your presentation.

Tome gives you everything you need to start: templates, themes, AI-written text, and pictures. It also offers tools for adding animations, videos, and charts. Its design is easy to use, letting you tailor presentations to meet your needs. Tome is here for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs who want to make striking and meaningful slides.

Tome stands out because it understands your instructions easily. This makes creating designs more fun and less of a hassle. Forget the struggle of explaining your ideas to a computer. With Tome, you just tell it what you think, and it turns those ideas into reality.

Tome lets many people work on a presentation at the same time. This is great for team projects and brainstorming. Anyone can share their work, get feedback, and brainstorm together. This encourages working together and coming up with creative ideas.

Collaborative AI Assistant for Presentation Design

A glimpse into Tome’s features:

  • Intuitive interface for easy navigation and customization
  • Ready-made templates and themes to jump-start your designs
  • AI-generated text and images for engaging content
  • Tools for adding animations, videos, and graphs
  • Collaborative features for seamless teamwork and feedback

Right now, Tome’s price is not listed. However, there’s a trial and a beta version you can try. This is your chance to see how collaborative presentation design can improve your slides. Try Tome and bring your presentations to a whole new level.

Synthesia – AI Presentation Maker with Personalized Avatars

Synthesia is a top-notch AI tool for making presentations. It’s easy to use and has cool features. You can add personalized AI avatars to your slides, making them more engaging.

Synthesia offers a variety of professional video templates. These templates come in many styles and themes, so it’s easy to find one that fits your presentation. You can customize these templates and avatars, making your slides look even better.

Using Synthesia, you can work with content from across the web for your presentations. Yet, exporting files might take longer than with other tools.

Synthesia is currently exploring pricing options. But they do offer free trials and a beta version. This lets users test the power of this tool without paying.

Synthesia empowers users to create personalized AI avatars, adding a unique touch to their presentations.

Key Features of Synthesia:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Professionally designed video templates
  • Customization options for avatars and video elements
  • Integration with other platforms

Pros of Synthesia:

  • Unique personalized avatars add engagement to presentations
  • Wide selection of professionally designed video templates
  • User-friendly interface

Cons of Synthesia:

  • File export process can be slow and cumbersome
  • Pricing details not available
Platform Price Unique Features
Synthesia Pricing not available Personalized AI avatars, professionally designed video templates

Simplified – Collaborative AI Presentation Maker

Simplified is a cutting-edge AI presentation tool that makes teamwork easy. With it, teams can work together smoothly to make eye-catching presentations. It gives users a lot of options for content and images, helping bring ideas to life.

This tool stands out for its real-time teamwork feature. Many team members can work on a presentation at the same time. This way, everyone can share updates right away. It makes teamwork efficient and keeps everyone in sync.

Simplified also has great customization features. You can change slide layouts, fonts, colors, and more to match your style. This customization boosts creativity and makes presentations look great and consistent.

Another cool feature is turning slides into video presentations. This lets users make exciting videos to share everywhere. Simplified combines AI and video to grab and keep the audience’s attention.

Despite its amazing features, some might find Simplified costly, especially smaller teams. Prices start at $0 for one person, with various plans for different businesses.

Features of Simplified – Collaborative AI Presentation Maker:

Collaboration Features Customization Options Slide-to-Video Conversion
Real-time collaboration Slide layout customization Convert slides into videos
Instant updates and sharing Font and color customization
Branding customization

“Simplified’s collaborative features have transformed the way our team works on presentations. It’s incredible how we can all collaborate in real-time and see updates instantly. The customization options also allow us to create presentations that align with our brand identity. Simplified has truly simplified our presentation creation process.” – Sarah Thompson, Marketing Manager


AI PowerPoint generators are changing how we make and share presentations. They use artificial intelligence to make the process easier. They also make slides look better and grab the audience’s attention. There are different tools for Google Slides users, PowerPoint fans, and those who prefer other formats.

Each AI tool offers something special. But they all aim to make slide making simpler. They create content that keeps people interested. And they help make presentations better overall.

These tools are great for students, professionals, and business owners. They save time and make your presentations better. They do the boring tasks for you and give smart tips. This lets you focus on sharing your key message.

AI tools for PowerPoint do more than just make slides. They let people work together, create personalized avatars, and offer amazing designs. If you’re spending too much time on slides, try AI PowerPoint generators. They help make professional slides quickly. This is changing how we give presentations.


What are AI PowerPoint generator tools?

AI PowerPoint generator tools are programs that use artificial intelligence to help make slide shows. They make design easier, create interesting content, and make slides look better.

How can AI PowerPoint generator tools benefit users?

These tools save a lot of time for people making presentations. They take care of the design and content by themselves. This lets users focus more on what they want to say.

Who can use AI PowerPoint generator tools?

Students, workers, and business owners can all use AI PowerPoint generator tools. They work well for different types, like Google Slides or PowerPoint. They come with many helpful features.

What makes Plus AI stand out?

Plus AI is a tool that works inside Google Slides, which is great for those using it. It has lots of AI features for editing slides, creates high-quality content, and lets people change how slides look. You can work with others easily and use Plus’s Snapshot tech for quick data updates.

Why is Microsoft 365 Copilot recommended for PowerPoint users?

Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI tool for PowerPoint. It can be part of PowerPoint itself. It’s good for making content, choosing slide layouts, and talking through a chat interface, even if it’s not as fancy as first shown.

What are the main features of MagicSlides?

MagicSlides lets you turn text into slides or make slides from ideas, all in Google Slides. It lets you pick fonts and colors, generate content, and more.

How does SlidesAI transform text into presentations?

SlidesAI is a Google Slides tool that uses AI to make slides from text. It can take a long document or a short idea, suggest images, and lets you add text to make a presentation.

What does offer to users? is a smart AI tool for presentations. It suggests design ideas, has voice narration, templates, analytics, and secure sharing. It’s focused on making design and content creation better.

How does Slidebean simplify the process of creating pitch decks?

Slidebean is for startups making pitch decks. It keeps slide design separate from content making. It gives you templates, design features, and lets you connect with other platforms. This helps anyone make professional slides easily.

What sets Tome apart as a presentation creator?

Tome helps make engaging presentations from scratch. It offers templates, AI-generated text and images, and tools for adding animations and videos. It makes design fun and easy.

What are the unique features of Synthesia?

Synthesia stands out as an AI presentation maker. It’s easy to use and lets you create your own AI avatars. It has video templates, customization options, and works with other tools.

What makes Simplified a collaborative AI presentation maker?

Simplified is all about teamwork. It helps groups create presentations using AI. It creates content and images and turns slides into videos. It’s great for working together in real time.

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