AI Tools For Market Research

AI is rapidly transforming the market research landscape, offering a plethora of tools that can streamline data collection, analysis, and insights generation. Here are some of the most popular AI-powered market research tools:

Survey & Feedback Tools:

  • Hotjar AI:¬†Creates surveys effortlessly,¬†generates automated reports,¬†and integrates seamlessly with other tools.
  • SurveySparrow:¬†Offers AI-powered question assistance,¬†real-time feedback analysis,¬†and employee experience assessment tools.
  • Poll the People:¬†Conducts real-time mobile surveys with location-based targeting and sentiment analysis.

Social Listening & Analysis:

  • Brandwatch:¬†Analyzes social media conversations to understand brand sentiment,¬†track competitors,¬†and identify influencers.
  • Talkwalker:¬†Provides social listening,¬†influencer marketing,¬†and competitive intelligence in one platform.
  • Crimson Hexagon:¬†Uses AI to extract insights from large volumes of social media data,¬†news,¬†and forums.

Text & Speech Analysis:

  • Speak Ai:¬†Transcribes and analyzes audio and video data to extract key insights from interviews,¬†focus groups,¬†and customer calls.
  • Lexalytics:¬†Offers sentiment analysis,¬†topic modeling,¬†and named entity recognition for analyzing text data.
  • Aylien:¬†Provides sentiment analysis,¬†topic classification,¬†and language translation for various content formats.

Competitive Intelligence:

  • Crayon:¬†Delivers real-time competitive intelligence by analyzing news,¬†social media,¬†and financial data.
  • SimilarWeb:¬†Provides website traffic insights,¬†competitor analysis,¬†and industry trends.
  • Owler:¬†Tracks competitor funding,¬†news,¬†team changes,¬†and social media activity.

Other AI-powered Tools:

  • Latana: Uses AI to automate data collection and analysis from various online sources.
  • Tableau:¬†Creates interactive data visualizations to uncover patterns and trends in market research data.
  • IBM Watson Tone Analyzer:¬†Analyzes the emotional tone and sentiment of text data.

These are just a few examples of the many AI tools available for market research. The best tool for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. However, AI can be a powerful asset for any market researcher looking to gain deeper insights from their data.

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