1. Capcom has revealed a new take on Ed for Street Fighter 6.

 2.  Ed's arrival is accompanied by a new stage called Ruined Lab.

 3. A red hat resembling M. Bison's is seen on a chair in the Ruined Lab.

 4. Ed was unique in Street Fighter 5 due to his simplified controls.

 5. While Ed's buttons are all punches in Street Fighter 6, he has long-range flicker jabs.

 6. – Ed is strongest up close, utilizing his boxing style and unique combos.

 7. – The arrival of Akuma, a fan favorite, is highly anticipated in Street Fighter 6.

 8. – The developers are tight-lipped about Akuma's details but assure a stunning design.

 9. – Ed and Akuma are set to bring new experiences to Street Fighter 6.

10. Keep an eye out for further information about Ed, Akuma, and other Street Fighter 6 content.