1. A Rare Look: Why Studying Hammerhead Embryos Matters

 2. Not Your Typical Fish: Hammerheads Give Birth to Live Young

 3.  Ethical Research: Using Byproducts for Scientific Discovery

 4. From Humble Beginnings: The Early Stages of a Hammerhead

 5. The Transformation: Witnessing the Hammerhead Head Take Shape

 6.  More Than Just a Cool Shape: The Advantages of a Hammerhead Head

 7.  Enhanced Vision: Seeing the World from a Wider Perspective

 8.  A Shark's "Sixth Sense": The Power of the Hammerhead's Head

 9.  Comparing and Contrasting: Understanding the Evolution of the Hammerhead Noggin

 10. Unveiling the Ocean's Secrets: One Shark Embryo at a Time