1. In 2022, Netflix announced a loss of subscribers, sparking fears of its demise. However, two years later, it's the rivals who are struggling.

2. In April 2022, Netflix lost subscribers and its stock price dropped. Many thought this was the beginning of the end.

3. Price hikes and a crackdown on password sharing alienated subscribers.

4. Traditional TV companies launched streaming services, but they struggled to compete with Netflix's established presence.

5. Even Disney, with its vast library of content, has struggled to make its streaming service profitable.

6. Netflix's size and independence have helped it weather the storm.

7. Market saturation and "churn" (subscribers coming and going) are still major issues for Netflix.

8. Consumers are unlikely to subscribe to many streaming services, putting pressure on smaller players.

9. The future of streaming may involve consolidation among smaller services or their collapse.

10. The future of streaming is uncertain, with new players and unexpected developments always a possibility.