1. Sony-owned Funimation is merging with Crunchyroll, creating a unified anime streaming platform.

2. Starting on April 2nd, your Funimation digital library, including anime acquired through purchased DVDs and Blu-rays, will be inaccessible.

3. Sony understands that losing access to your purchased digital library can be frustrating and is offering solutions.

4. Sony is committed to providing "an appropriate value" for your lost digital copies.

5. Discounted access to the Crunchyroll subscription service.

6. Sony is open to providing alternatives outside of Crunchyroll to compensate for your lost library.

7. Currently, you need to contact Funimation customer service to receive your "appropriate value" offer.

8. Sony did not publicly announce this compensation plan, leaving many customers unaware of their options.

9. Funimation's terms of use allow for content removal, potentially limiting your legal recourse.

10. A customer's experience trying to receive compensation for their lost digital library highlights potential difficulties.