1. Changes in gene expression in neurons and astrocytes may be linked to cognitive decline in both schizophrenia and aging.

 2.  Healthy brain tissue exhibits a coordinated program called SNAP.

 3. Reduced SNAP activity appears to be associated with aging and schizophrenia.

 4. Traditionally, research focused on individual gene expression in each cell type.

 5.  In both elderly and schizophrenic individuals, these cells lowered their expression of genes supporting synapses.

 6. This technique allowed them to examine gene activity in individual cells.

 7. This finding provides new insights into the genetic factors involved in the condition.

 8. Traditionally, research focused on the role of neurons and synapses in schizophrenia risk.

 9. This decline occurred regardless of a schizophrenia diagnosis, suggesting a link to age-related cognitive decline.

 10. Researchers will investigate SNAP expression in other cognitive disorders like bipolar disorder and depression.