1. Instagram has reigned supreme in the photo-sharing world for years.

 2.But the king may have a new challenger: TikTok Photos.

 3. Code hidden within the latest TikTok app update hints at "TikTok Photos."

 4. Unlike TikTok's current photo sharing, this would be a dedicated platform.

 5. The code suggests the ability to sync existing photos from the main TikTok app.

 6. Users will likely have control over syncing photos with an on/off toggle.

 7. While not officially confirmed, the code hints at an imminent launch.

 8. Expect TikTok Photos to be available on both Android and iOS devices.

 9. The big question: will users embrace a photo-sharing app from TikTok?

 10. Time will tell if TikTok Photos can dethrone Instagram as the photo king.