1. Actress Olivia Munn revealed she underwent treatment for aggressive breast cancer.

 2. Despite negative genetic testing and a mammogram, Munn was diagnosed with cancer.

 3. Munn has undergone four surgeries in the past year.

 4. Dr. Aliabadi identified Munn's high-risk factors through a Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Score.

 5. Munn's diagnosis was Luminal B, an aggressive form of breast cancer.

 6. Munn attended the Oscars shortly before a double mastectomy.

 7. Munn encourages women to get their risk scores calculated and continue regular screenings.

 8.Munn expresses appreciation for her family and friends, especially John Mulaney.

 9. Munn thanks friends who battled breast cancer for their guidance.

 10. Munn hopes her story empowers women to advocate for their health.