FA Cup replays will be scrapped from the first round onwards starting next season. This is part of a new agreement between the FA and the Premier League.

No More Replays!

The change is due to the congested fixture schedule caused by the expanded UEFA competitions, with more games in the Champions League.

Why the Change?

All FA Cup rounds, including the previously midweek fifth round, will now be played on weekends. No Premier League matches will be scheduled during dedicated FA Cup weekends.

Weekends for the FA Cup

To accommodate a longer player break, the Premier League season will begin in mid-August.

Earlier Season Start

Previously, replays meant additional revenue for lower league clubs through ticket sales and broadcasting.

Impact on Lower League Clubs

The Premier League will provide an additional £33 million for grassroots football as part of the new deal.

Boost for Grassroots Football

The agreement guarantees the FA up to £133 million per season starting from the 2025/26 season.

More Funding for the FA

Mark Bullingham, FA Chief Executive, emphasizes the importance of the FA Cup and the new format's benefit for the competition.

FA CEO: "Critical to Secure a Strong Format

Richard Masters, Premier League Chief Executive, highlights the commitment to strengthening the FA Cup.

Premier League Backs the Changes

These changes aim to streamline the FA Cup while ensuring its financial sustainability and offering a well-deserved player break.

The Future of the FA Cup