1. Canada's men's national soccer team is on the verge of Copa América glory, but victory could deepen the financial crisis plaguing Canada Soccer. 

2.  A win against Trinidad and Tobago secures Canada's spot in Copa América.

3.  While prize money hasn't been announced, Argentina received $6.5 million for winning in 2021.

4. Kevin Blue, Canada Soccer's new general secretary, inherits a federation grappling with financial and legal issues.

5. The Canadian women's national team is suing Canada Soccer for $40 million, alleging mismanagement related to a media and sponsorship contract. 

6.  Canada Soccer signed over media and sponsorship rights to Canadian Soccer Business (CSB) for a flat annual fee, potentially hindering future revenue.

7.  Blue aims to rebuild trust with players and the public. He seeks a "more robust commercial and philanthropic structure" for Canadian soccer.

8.  Canada Soccer is burning through cash reserves despite public funding. Deficits are projected for 2024, adding to a multi-million dollar financial hole.

9. Canada Soccer seeks a 60% increase in annual player registration fees to avoid bankruptcy within a year. 

10. Limited national team games, fundraising by coaches, and a lack of training camps for youth teams highlight the financial constraints.