The ongoing conflict between advertisers and ad-block users takes a new turn.

 A symbolic image representing the battle between advertisers and ad-blockers.

Reports indicate YouTube is now skipping videos to the end for users with ad blockers.

A YouTube video player showing the progress bar jumping to the end.

This unexpected behavior is causing significant frustration among viewers.

 People looking annoyed and confused while watching YouTube.

 Initially, YouTube prompted users to disable ad blockers, but now videos are skipping even after refusal.

 A close-up of a computer screen showing the "disable ad blocker" prompt on YouTube.

 Watching videos with ad blockers has become a test of patience due to the constant skipping.

A person repeatedly trying to watch a YouTube video that keeps skipping to the end.

 The issue seems to be exclusive to users with ad blockers; disabling them resolves the problem.

 A split screen showing a video playing normally without an ad blocker and skipping with an ad blocker.

 The frustration is compounded by loading loops when trying to skip to specific video segments.

 A YouTube video player stuck in a loading loop.

 The cause is unclear: intentional action by YouTube or a bug in ad blockers (especially AdBlock).

 A question mark symbol over a YouTube logo and an ad blocker icon.

 Users are left with a difficult choice: disable ad blockers or deal with constant disruptions.

 A person looking frustrated and conflicted while using YouTube.

 Whether intentional or accidental, the issue disrupts the viewing experience for many users.

 A confused person looking at a YouTube video with a glitch symbol.