1. Budget iPhone with Big Changes

 2. First iPhone SE with Face ID

3.The iPhone SE 4 is expected to ditch the 4.7-inch LCD display of the iPhone SE 3 in favor of a larger 6.1-inch OLED panel, but with a standard 60Hz refresh rate.

 4. A new feature for the iPhone SE 4 is the Action Button, which allows users to program it with one of 10 different actions to be triggered with a single press.

 5.The Budget iPhone Grows Up

 6. One downside to consider: iPhone SE models tend to lose value faster than their full-priced iPhone counterparts.

7. SE vs. Flagship iPhones: Depreciation Gap

8. Is the iPhone SE a Poor Investment

 9.If you're interested in the iPhone SE 4, you'll likely have to wait as it's not expected to be released until sometime in 2025.

 10.While the iPhone SE 4 offers some upgrades, remember its value might decline faster than flagship iPhones.