Home to West Virginia University (WVU), Morgantown buzzes with a youthful energy and a strong sense of community.

Close-up shot of West Virginia University's iconic brick buildings and Mountaineer mascot statue.

Beyond the campus, a charming downtown awaits with unique shops, delicious restaurants, and a lively atmosphere.

A vibrant street scene in downtown Morgantown, featuring shops, restaurants, and people enjoying outdoor cafes.

Adventure seekers rejoice! Morgantown boasts stunning natural beauty with hiking trails, rivers perfect for kayaking, and breathtaking waterfalls.

Hikers exploring a scenic trail with lush greenery and a cascading waterfall in the background.

Embrace the mountain life. Rent a cozy cabin and enjoy breathtaking views, starry nights, and the tranquility of nature.

A cozy cabin nestled amidst the mountains, with smoke curling from the chimney.

Immerse yourself in the local scene at the vibrant farmers market, bursting with fresh produce, artisan crafts, and friendly vendors.

A bustling farmers market with colorful displays of fresh produce, baked goods, and local crafts.

Experience the cultural side of Morgantown with museums, art galleries, and historic theaters offering a variety of performances.

The interior of a historic theater with ornate decorations and a stage set for a performance.

Catch the Mountaineer spirit! Cheer on WVU's athletic teams and experience the electrifying energy of college sports.

A group of friends cheering at a WVU football game in a packed stadium with a vibrant atmosphere.

Indulge your taste buds! Sample craft beers at local breweries, savor delicious Appalachian cuisine, or explore international flavors.

A local brewery with a tasting room and a patio overlooking the city.

Create lasting memories. Capture the beauty of Morgantown's sunsets, a sight that will leave you breathless.

A breathtaking sunset over the Morgantown skyline, with mountains bathed in golden hues.

Welcome to Morgantown, WV. A place where adventure awaits, and memories are made.

A group of people laughing and enjoying a bonfire under a star-filled night sky.