Redding boasts a paradise for outdoor lovers. Kayak or raft down the Sacramento River, hike through Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, or explore stunning waterfalls like Hedge Creek Falls and McCloud Falls.

Embrace the Great Outdoors

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area offers breathtaking trails for all levels, from leisurely walks to challenging climbs. Witness the iconic Brandy Creek Bridge and delve into the pristine wilderness.

Hike Through Picturesque Landscapes

Shasta Lake, the state's second-largest reservoir, is a haven for water sports. Go boating, fishing, jet skiing, or simply relax on the sandy shores.

Discover Shasta Lake: A Water Wonderland

Redding boasts a rich history with influences from Native American tribes, gold miners, and pioneers. Explore the Shasta County Historical Society Museum, the Sundial Bridge, and the McConnell Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

Delve into Redding's Rich History

The Sundial Bridge, a pedestrian and bicycle bridge, is a unique landmark. Designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava, it serves as a sundial and offers stunning views of the Sacramento River.

Explore the Sundial Bridge: A Landmark Marvel

Redding's vibrant arts scene caters to diverse tastes. Visit the Redding Museum of Art, browse local galleries, or attend a performance at the Cascade Theatre.

Immerse Yourself in Art and Culture

Redding's culinary scene offers a delightful mix. Sample local favorites, indulge in farm-to-table cuisine, or grab a craft beer at a microbrewery.

Savor the Local Flavors

Uncover hidden gems at the Redding Area Farmers Market. Browse unique boutiques, antique shops, and find souvenirs that capture the essence of Redding.

Shop Local and Discover Treasures

Redding hosts year-round events. Immerse yourself in the Redding Rodeo, savor the flavors at the Whiskeytown Wine and Food Jubilee, or experience the festive spirit of the Holiday Light Show.

Celebrate at Redding's Events

Whether you seek outdoor thrills, historical treasures, or a vibrant community, Redding offers an unforgettable California adventure. Plan your trip today and discover the magic of Redding!

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