Mastering the Deal Score

SeatGeek's Deal Score is your ticket to finding the best value. It ranks listings based on price compared to similar seats. Lower scores mean better deals!

Set Price Alerts and Be Patient

Don't blindly accept the first price you see. Set price alerts and wait! Sellers often adjust prices closer to event dates. Patience can be a golden ticket to savings.

Explore Different Seating Options

Don't be afraid to explore! Sometimes, seats farther back offer better value. Consider obstructed views or less popular sections for significant savings.

Utilize the SeatGeek Marketplace

The SeatGeek Marketplace is a treasure trove! Fans can resell tickets, sometimes below face value. Be sure to check the seller's ratings for a safe transaction.

Look for Deals on Weekdays

Sellers are more likely to negotiate during weekdays when traffic is lower. Weekday deals might be your golden ticket to scoring those dream tickets!

Bundle Deals - Save on Multiple Tickets

Looking to attend with a group? Bundle deals can offer significant savings compared to buying individual tickets.

Follow SeatGeek on Social Media

SeatGeek often announces exclusive deals and promo codes on social media. Follow them and stay updated to snag those hidden gems!

Download the SeatGeek App for Mobile Convenience

Download the SeatGeek app for ultimate convenience! It allows you to track deals, set alerts, and purchase tickets on the go – never miss a scoring opportunity!