For years, popular culture has portrayed dinosaurs, especially predators, as cunning and intelligent creatures. But a new study challenges this idea.

Smarter Than We Thought?

Scientists once believed some dinosaurs had high neuron density, suggesting intelligence similar to primates.

Previous Theories About Dinosaur Intelligence

Based on high neuron density, theories emerged about dinosaurs using tools, communicating complex ideas, and even solving problems

Tool Users and Problem Solvers?

A new study by the University of Bristol re-examined how we estimate dinosaur brain size and neuron count.

Scientists looking at a dinosaur fossil

The study suggests previous methods may have overestimated brain size and neuron density in dinosaurs

Flawed Assumptions?

The study argues that neuron count may not be a reliable indicator of intelligence in dinosaurs

Neurons Don't Tell the Whole Story

Researchers propose using a broader approach to understand dinosaur intelligence, including skeletal anatomy, behavior of living relatives, and trace fossils

Beyond Neurons: Understanding Dinosaur Intelligence

The study suggests dinosaurs may have been highly intelligent reptiles, not creatures with primate-level intelligence

Dinosaurs: Intelligent Reptiles, Not Super Primates

This doesn't diminish dinosaur achievements. They thrived for millions of years, dominating their environments

Dinosaurs: A Different Kind of Success Story

Dinosaurs ruled the planet long before mammals evolved. They didn't need primate-level intelligence to be successful

Dinosaurs Weren't Competing with Mammals