Walgreens can't keep it in stock

 A new candy taking GenZ by storm

 Sold out quickly due to TikTok hype

The "Gummy Mango" candy arrived last fall

 A much-needed win for the struggling drugstore chain

 Peelable candy aligns with long-term strategy

 Gummy candy is a trending confectionery genre

The Gummy Candy Craze

TikTok video by @Trinhdoesthings goes viral (8.9 million views)

 Shows the candy being peeled and eaten

 Other videos showed alternative peelable candy options

 A new candy taking GenZ by storm

 Walgreens denies using paid influencers

 Candy's success purely organic

 The interactivity makes it fun

The Fun Factor

 Gummy candy makes up over 30% of all confectionary sales

 Non-chocolate candy sales up 12.1% in 2023

Gummy candy consumption is trending, especially among Gen 

Millennials love familiar fruit flavors