Palworld players have been observing a mysterious decrease in their Pals' damage output for weeks.

Theories flew around the Palworld subreddit, with players questioning nerfs and hidden bugs.

The latest patch notes identify the culprit - a bug causing all Pal attacks to deal only half damage!

Players were essentially fighting with a handicap, unknowingly battling bosses with reduced Pal damage.

The new patch fixes the damage bug, unleashing your Pals' full potential!

With the damage bug fixed, it's time to re-evaluate your Pals' capabilities. They are now stronger and can contribute more effectively in battles.

 The patch fixes enhance gameplay balance and improve the overall Palworld experience. Grab your Pals and explore the world with renewed confidence!

Time to unleash the full power of your Pals! Get ready for a more balanced and exciting Palworld experience.