Traditional Wastewater Treatment - Energy-intensive and Costly

Current methods rely on point-source facilities that consume significant energy and generate emissions.

 Nature-Based Solutions Offer a Sustainable Alternative

Wetlands, reforestation, and other natural processes can effectively treat wastewater.

Shifting Focus from Grey to Green

A Ph.D. student at Colorado State University, Limb's research unveils the economic and environmental benefits of green wastewater treatment.

 Tackling Non-Point Pollution Sources

 Agricultural runoff and urban development also impact water quality.

Carbon Markets Drive Investment in Green Infrastructure

Programs reward activities that reduce carbon emissions.

"Water is Local, Carbon is Global" - Prof. Jason Quinn

 Integrating air and water quality management creates a win-win.

Green Wastewater Treatment Benefits Everyone

This approach goes beyond just saving money.

Invest in Green Wastewater Treatment for a Sustainable Future

 The research shows the economic and environmental benefits are real.

Green Wastewater Treatment Makes Sense

Saves money - $15.6 billion over 40 years estimated.

Learn More About Green Wastewater Treatment

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