What are Functional Mushrooms?

Non-psychedelic fungi with potential health benefits Supports brain health, immunity, stress response, and more Gaining popularity due to their wellness properties

Why Choose Functional Mushrooms?

 Generally safe for daily consumption Well-tolerated by most people Easy to incorporate into your daily routine (powders, capsules, drinks, etc.)

Top Functional Mushroom: Lion's Mane

The Vibe: Brainpower for a productive day Benefits: Focus, memory, mood, nerve health, anti-inflammatory Products: Rainbo Lion's Mane tincture, Moon Juice Brain Dust, Alice Mushrooms Brainstorm chocolate

Top Functional Mushroom: Turkey Tail

The Vibe: Immune system support Benefits: Healthy inflammation response, DNA protection, gut health Products: Real Mushroom Turkey Tail Extract, Rainbo 11:11 tincture (blend of 11 mushrooms)

Top Functional Mushroom: Reishi

Stress adaptation, hormone health, immune system support, longevity Anima Mundi Reishi powder, Super Mush Daily Passion Gummies (blend for vitality), Moon Juice Plump Jelly (skin-hydrating serum)

Top Functional Mushroom: Cordyceps

Energy boost for an active lifestyle Increased energy, sexual function, athletic performance, lung and kidney health Anima Mundi Cordyceps Energy Super Tonic, Deon Libra Unbothered Adaptogenic Elixir (blend for energy and antioxidants)

Top Functional Mushroom: Chaga

Immune and energy support for feeling your best Healthy immune system, balanced energy, reduced fatigue, mental clarity Moon Juice Chaga powder, Renude Chagaccino (cacao and cinnamon latte mix)

How to Take Functional Mushrooms

Add to smoothies, coffee, or tea Take with water Add to water or juice Chocolates & Gummies: Easy on-the-go option Skin Care Products: Topical application for skin health benefits

Important Note

Consult your doctor before starting any new supplement, especially if you have underlying health conditions or take medications.

Embrace the Power of Functional Mushrooms!

Explore the world of functional mushrooms and find what works for you Enhance your well-being and live a healthier, happier life