Europe Seeks Alternatives to Russian Pipeline Gas

Following the Ukraine war, Western Europe has aimed to reduce dependence on Russian gas

Rise of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Imports

Europe has increasingly substituted pipeline gas with LNG delivered by ship

Russia Adapts: Selling Discounted LNG

 Private Russian producers and Gazprom are selling LNG at a discount to maintain market share

Spain Becomes Top Re-exporter of Russian LNG

Spain, with its import terminals, now re-exports Russian gas to other European countries

Environmental Impact of LNG

The switch to LNG has a higher environmental cost due to gasification, shipping, and re-liquefaction

The Invisibility of Ultimate Origin

Delivery records mask the origin of LNG, making it difficult to track Russian gas

Discounts Drive Russian LNG Sales in Spain

Independent traders sold Russian LNG in Spain at a discount, benefiting from lower prices

Reversal of Flows: West to East

Previously east-to-west gas flow from Russia has reversed, with LNG landing in Western Europe

 The Challenge of Reducing Reliance on Russia

Despite efforts, the share of Russian gas in some European countries has grown due to LNG

 The Future of European Gas Imports

EU grapples with a unified approach to banning Russian LNG infrastructure access