Elon Musk praises Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) system for aiding a Tesla owner experiencing a medical crisis.

Max Paul Franklin shared his experience on X (formerly Twitter) about how Tesla FSD helped him during a medical emergency.

On April 2nd, Franklin experienced severe dehydration and high blood sugar due to a malfunctioning insulin pump.

With no time to lose, Franklin used the new FSD feature in his Tesla Model Y.

Franklin activated FSD with a double click and the car autonomously navigated him 13 miles to the VA Emergency Room.

Franklin, a former owner of luxury cars, commends Tesla for its cutting-edge technology.

Elon Musk responded positively to Franklin's story, acknowledging the role FSD played in his well-being.

This incident highlights the potential of FSD to assist drivers in critical situations.

It's important to note that FSD is still under development and requires driver supervision.

Tesla continues to develop FSD technology, aiming for a future of safer and more convenient driving.