Behind the Scenes of Safety at the Indy 500

A split-screen image showing the IndyCar speeding around the track on one side and the AMR Safety Team monitoring the race from their truck on the other side.

Introducing the AMR Safety Team

 A group photo of the AMR Safety Team members in their uniforms.

 A Legacy of Safety

 An archive photo of the early IndyCar safety team alongside a modern photo.

 The Importance of Quick Response Times

AMR Safety Team vehicle speeding onto the racetrack with caution lights flashing.

More Than Just Fast Cars: The Expertise Behind the Team

A close-up photo of a team member meticulously examining a safety tool.

The Calm in the Chaos: How the Team Manages Pressure

A split-screen image showing a chaotic crash scene on one side and the AMR Safety Team members working calmly on the other side.

 Building Relationships: The Team and the Drivers

AMR Safety Team member talking to an IndyCar driver after a race.

Consistent Medical Care: Ensuring Driver Safety Across Races

 AMR Safety Team medical director examining an IndyCar driver.

A Culture of Innovation: The Team's Pursuit of Continuous Improvement

 AMR Safety Team member testing a new safety tool.

 Streamlining Efficiency: Redesigning the Safety Trucks

Before-and-after images showcasing the redesigned AMR Safety Team truck.