Indian spices are more than just flavor boosters. Many, like turmeric and cumin, boast health benefits that aid digestion and metabolism.

Dals, stews made with lentils or legumes, are protein and fiber powerhouses. They keep you feeling full and satisfied, reducing cravings.

India offers an abundance of veggies! Explore roasted, stir-fried, or curried vegetables, packed with vitamins, minerals, and low in calories.

Tandoori cooking utilizes high heat, minimizing oil use. Enjoy succulent chicken, fish, or paneer (Indian cottage cheese) marinated in yogurt and spices.

Swap white rice for brown rice. Brown rice is higher in fiber and keeps you feeling fuller for longer, aiding weight management.

Indian soups are light, flavorful, and filling. They often use low-fat yogurt or coconut milk, making them perfect for a healthy start to your meal.

Don't underestimate Indian salads! Combine crunchy vegetables, fresh herbs, and a light yogurt dressing for a refreshing and healthy side dish.

Regardless of cuisine, portion control is crucial. Enjoy your delicious Indian meals, but be mindful of serving sizes to ensure a healthy balance.