SpaceX is gearing up for a major test flight of its Starship spacecraft, aiming to showcase its reusability.

A map of the launch site in Boca Chica, Texas

 The flight, planned for no earlier than June 5th, will focus on returning and reusing both Starship and Super Heavy.

 A side-by-side comparison of the Starship and Super Heavy

 A detailed infographic by Lunar Caveman and Tony Bela illustrates the planned flight path and key stages.

 A preview of the infographic, highlighting key elements

 The Super Heavy booster will separate from Starship shortly after liftoff.

 The separation process depicted in the infographic

 Starship will continue its ascent, reaching an altitude of about 250 kilometers.

 Starship soaring above Earth in the infographic

Starship will coast over the Atlantic and Africa before beginning its controlled descent.

 Starship's trajectory across the globe in the infographic

 Starship will re-enter Earth's atmosphere and splash down in the Indian Ocean.

 Starship re-entering the atmosphere and splashing down in the infographic

SpaceX will collect valuable data from the flight to improve future landing attempts.

 Engineers analyzing data from the flight in the infographic

 The Super Heavy booster will not be recovered and will likely sink to the bottom of the ocean.

 The Super Heavy booster falling back to Earth in the infographic

Quote from Tony Bela: "What I love about a good infographic is its ability to tell the story without words."

 A close-up of the infographic highlighting its visual storytelling