The Science Behind the Smile

Researchers discovered a gene (USAG-1) that limits tooth growth. By blocking this gene, they hope to stimulate new tooth development.

A Boon for Those with Tooth Agenesis

Initial targets are people with tooth agenesis, a condition where teeth don't develop properly.

A Future Beyond Agenesis?

If successful, the drug could potentially help anyone who has lost teeth.

Hope for a Permanent Solution

This drug could offer a permanent alternative to dentures and implants.

A Lifelong Dream for Dentists

Lead researcher Dr. Takahashi has dreamt of growing new teeth since his graduate school days.

Trials Beginning Soon

Human trials are set to begin in July 2024!

A Brighter Future for Smiles

This groundbreaking research holds immense promise for a future with healthier and more complete smiles for everyone!

A calendar with a circled date in July 2024.

We eagerly await the results of human trials and the potential for a revolutionary change in dentistry!