A Family Adventure

 n July 2022, brothers Jessin and Liam Fisher, their father Sam, and cousin Kaiden Madsen were on a family hike in the North Dakota Badlands.They stumbled upon something amazing!

Unearthing a Mystery

The family wasn't sure what they had found, so Sam contacted his old high school friend, paleontologist Tyler Lyson. Lyson is the curator of paleontology at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Calling in the Experts

Lyson obtained a permit from the Bureau of Land Management. In 2023, he traveled to North Dakota with a crew and the children to excavate the fossil.

A Rexcellent Discovery!

Lyson initially thought the find might be a common dinosaur. But when he uncovered the teeth, he realized it was something much more special!

Discovering Teen Rex

Juvenile T. rex fossils are very rare. This one is nicknamed "Teen Rex". It's one of only four juvenile T. rex fossils ever found!

A Growing Predator

Teen Rex is estimated to be between 12 and 14 years old. t would have weighed about half as much as an adult T. rex.

Dino Dreams

Jessin Fisher, one of the boys who found the fossil, aspires to be a paleontologist like Lyson. Lyson is encouraging Jessin to pursue his passion for dinosaurs.

Teen Rex on Display

Starting June 21, you can see Teen Rex yourself at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Dino-Mite Documentary

 Documentary about the discovery at the Infinity Theater.