Researchers study rare isotope properties using LEBIT facility.

 Unveiling the Secrets of Rare Isotopes

 This allows for precise measurement of specific particle masses.

 Cooling Down the Hot Stuff

 Proton halos are rare structures of loosely orbiting protons.

 The Case of Aluminum-22: A Proton Halo Candidate

 This is the first measurement in FRIB's science program." - Professor Matthew Ringle

A First for FRIB's Science Program

 This measurement surpasses capabilities of FRIB's predecessor.

Pushing the Boundaries of Nuclear Science

 Normally, electrons orbit the nucleus, while protons and neutrons reside within.

 Unveiling the Mysteries of Atomic Structure

 Proton halos are especially rare due to their positive charge repelling each other.

 The Rarest of Halos: Proton Power

 A stable isotope beam is accelerated and collides with a target to create rare isotopes.

 Creating the Aluminum-22 Beam

Researchers use instruments to filter and slow down the desired particles.

 From Chaos to Clarity: Isolating the Prize

The temperature is lowered to create a uniform beam for accurate mass measurement.

 Unveiling the Secrets of Rare Isotopes