Boston Dynamics introduces a new, fully electric Atlas robot, replacing the old hydraulic model for a more flexible and efficient design.

Goodbye Hydraulics, Hello Efficiency!

This next-gen Atlas goes beyond the lab, designed to tackle real-world challenges in factories and other environments.

Real-World Applications Await

Partnering with innovative companies like Hyundai, Boston Dynamics will refine Atlas applications for success.

Collaboration is Key

The electric Atlas boasts increased strength and a broader range of motion compared to previous models.

Stronger, More Agile Than Ever

Scaled robot deployments require infrastructure, employee training, and data management. Boston Dynamics offers a holistic approach.

Beyond the Robot: A Complete Solution

Existing robots like Spot can create digital twins of facilities, preparing them for Atlas integration.

Learning from Spot: Digital Twins

Advanced AI and machine learning equip Atlas for complex real-world situations, ensuring efficient operation and adaptation.

AI and Machine Learning Power Atla

Boston Dynamics has a long history of R&D in humanoid robotics, from PETMAN to the parkour-performing Atlas.

A Legacy of Innovation Continues

Atlas builds on a long history of R&D, from PETMAN to parkour-performing robots, pushing the boundaries of humanoid robotics.

A Legacy of Innovation

Legged robots offer dynamic balance and navigation in unstructured environments, making them ideal for human-designed spaces.

Why Legged Robots?