1. New Fund Helps Farmers Transition to Sustainable Practices

2. The $50 million fund receives early commitments from The Rockefeller Foundation, Builders Vision, Schmidt Family Foundation, and more.

3. CEO Brandon Welch says traditional banks struggle to understand the complexities of regenerative agriculture.

4.  Many farmers want to switch to sustainable practices, but lack access to proper funding.

5. Mad Capital is a private credit firm specializing in financing US organic and regenerative farms.

6. 99% of US agricultural land uses conventional methods, shaping traditional bank lending practices.

7. Banks perceive organic farming as high-risk due to unfamiliar practices and marketing channels.

8. Welch argues the actual risk of organic farming is similar to conventional, but traditional lenders lack proper understanding.

9. Collaboration is needed to educate traditional lenders and support the growth of alternative financing for sustainable farms.

10.  Mad Capital's fund is a step towards a more sustainable food system with broader access to capital for regenerative and organic farmers.