1.Netflix's "Irish Wish" starring Lindsay Lohan leans heavily on clichés from past rom-coms.

2.The central plot - secret crush, mistaken love interest, magical intervention - feels derivative.

3. The Irish setting feels like a cheap attempt to capitalize on St. Patrick's Day.

4. Similar plot points and questionable Irish accents evoke memories of Amy Adams' rom-com.

5. Irish Wish" borrows heavily from classic rom-coms like "The Wedding Date" and "My Best Friend's Wedding.

6. The claustrophobic nature of destination weddings is a plot point in all three films.

7. Irish Wish" copies elements from "27 Dresses" down to the meet-cute and the supportive best friend.

8. Both films feature heroines who learn their initial crush wasn't the one.

9. Lohan is no stranger to fantastical elements, referencing her past films in "Irish Wish.

10. While "Irish Wish" references Lohan's filmography, it falls short of their charm