Journey into the mind of self-taught artist Jeff McKissack at The Orange Show. This vibrant folk art environment, constructed from recycled materials, celebrates imagination and the power of outsider art.

A Whimsical Folk Art Wonderland

Escape the ordinary and enter a world of color at Umbrella Alley. This vibrant pedestrian walkway features a dazzling display of suspended umbrellas, transforming a forgotten alley into a haven for Instagrammers and art enthusiasts.

Umbrella Alley: A Burst of Color

Explore an unexpected wonder beneath the bustling city. The Buffalo Bayou Cistern, a former underground reservoir, has been transformed into a stunning art installation. Immerse yourself in the captivating light displays and appreciate the cistern's unique architectural features.

Descend into Beauty: The Buffalo Bayou Cistern

Explore the fascinating world of funeral customs and traditions at the National Museum of Funeral History. This unique museum offers a respectful and thought-provoking look at how different cultures around the world commemorate death.

The National Museum of Funeral History

Witness a monument to human dedication at the Beer Can House. This quirky abode is adorned with over 50,000 aluminum cans, a testament to one man's 19-year artistic pursuit.

Take a Step Back in Time: The Beer Can House

Witness a breathtaking natural phenomenon at the Waugh Drive Bat Colony. Every evening at dusk, hundreds of thousands of Mexican free-tailed bats take flight, creating an unforgettable spectacle against the Houston skyline.

Nature's Spectacle: The Waugh Drive Bat Colony

Discover a haven for art and nature at Smither Park. Explore the whimsical creations of The Orange Show, relax in the serene gardens, or take a stroll through the surrounding neighborhood.

A Hidden Oasis: Smither Park

Houston beckons with its hidden treasures. From art installations to quirky museums and natural wonders, explore a side of Houston that will surprise and delight you.

Houston: Where Unexpected Delights Await