Space Junk: A Growing Threat

Millions of pieces of human-made debris clutter low-Earth orbit, threatening collisions with vital satellites.

What is Space Junk?

Orbital debris includes old rockets, defunct satellites, and debris from collisions and human activity.

The Dangers of Collisions

A single collision can create thousands of new debris pieces, increasing the risk of future impacts.

 A Real Threat: The Kessler Syndrome

If collisions become frequent enough, a chain reaction called Kessler Syndrome could render low-Earth orbit unusable.

Who Owns Space?

The lack of regulations and international cooperation creates a "tragedy of the commons" situation in space.

The True Cost of Space Exploration

Launch costs don't reflect the environmental impact of creating space debris.

 The Coming Boom in Satellites

 Planned mega-constellations like Starlink could push low-Earth orbit to its limit.

The Need for International Cooperation

Spacefaring nations must work together to develop regulations and debris mitigation strategies.

 The Consequences of Inaction

 Continued inaction will lead to more frequent collisions, disrupted services, and higher costs.

A Sustainable Future for Space

By taking action now, we can ensure a clean and safe space environment for future generations.