Google has a history of exploring AR technology, with projects like Google Glass.

 A photo of Google Glass.

Magic Leap is a leading company in AR headset technology and optics.

 A photo of a Magic Leap headset.

 Google and Magic Leap have formed a strategic partnership to develop AR solutions.

 Logos of Google and Magic Leap side-by-side.

 The partnership combines Magic Leap's AR hardware expertise with Google's software and AI capabilities.

 A split image showing Magic Leap hardware and Google software/AI.

The partnership aims to accelerate the development of immersive AR experiences.

 A person using AR glasses to interact with digital objects in their environment.

 The partnership also focuses on exploring the broader potential of extended reality (XR).

 A graphic illustrating the different types of XR (AR, VR, MR).

 The partnership will leverage Google's AI advancements for "cool AI tie-ins" with AR.

A visual representation of Google AI interacting with an AR experience.

 Google aims to bring a wider range of AR experiences to market through the partnership.

 A diverse group of people using AR glasses in different settings (work, entertainment, education).

 The partnership aims to collaborate with developers to create innovative AR products.

 Developers working on AR applications and experiences.

 Google recently downsized its AR team, raising questions about its long-term commitment.

 A news article headline about Google's AR team layoffs.