Global warming is causing glaciers to melt at unprecedented rates.

 Alarming Ice Loss

Europe's 2023 climate report reveals the continent's

Europe's Hottest Year (Almost)

 Glaciers lost a staggering 20% more water in 2023 compared to any previous year.

 Record Water Loss from Glaciers

 The melting glaciers are causing record sea level rise, leading to dangerous storm surges.

Sea Level Rise - A Growing Threat

Europe's temperature is rising at twice the global average rate

 The Fastest Warming Continent

 Europe experienced its highest number of wet days ever in 2023, with 7% more rain.

Europe's Wettest Year on Average

 Turkey faced record-breaking rainfall and floods in 2023, resulting in tragic loss of life.

 Record Rainfall in Turkey

 Recent floods in the UAE highlight the increasing frequency of extreme weather events.

UAE's Severe Floods - A Sign of Things to Come?

Landscapes and infrastructure need adaptation to mitigate the impact of floods.

 Adapting to a Changing Climate

 Weather and climate-related economic losses in 2023 exceeded €13.4 billion globally.

 The Cost of Climate Change