1. The Fujifilm X100VI isn't for everyone, but it's a lot of fun.

2.The single 23.5mm lens limits its use for some photography styles.

3. The camera connects to the Fujifilm app for easy sharing.

4. The Fujifilm X100VI is a fixed-lens camera with a 23.5mm lens and a 40.2MP sensor.

5. The Fujifilm X100VI is well-built and feels like a quality product.

6. The Fujifilm X100VI takes very detailed photos.

7 . The Fujifilm X100VI has a number of film simulation modes.

8. The Fujifilm X100VI is not a great video camera

9.The Fujifilm X100VI is not for everyone.

10. Fujifilm's switching to China production didn't impact quality.