1. Fujifilm's online store was overwhelmed by traffic due to the high demand for the X100VI camera.

 2. Despite this, the X100VI is still an exciting camera with great potential.

 3. Retro styling and rangefinder-inspired ergonomics.

 4. The X100VI is also a capable video camera.

 5. The X100VI enters a crowded market of 4K+ capable mirrorless video cameras.

 6.  Only 1,934 units were available worldwide on the opening release.

 7. Despite the limited release, the X100VI is an exciting camera.

 8. This slide can include a link to a website with the full specifications of the X100VI.

 9. Include a link here where people can sign up to be notified when the X100VI is available for purchase.

 10. The Fujifilm X100VI has generated a lot of buzz.