Krispy Kreme Rewards: More Generous Than Ever

Krispy Kreme has launched a new rewards program they are calling "the most generous rewards program in the history of doughnuts.

Free Dozen Doughnuts for Existing Members

On April 30th, Krispy Kreme gave current rewards members a free dozen original glazed donuts.

Free Glazed Doughnut for New Members

Anyone who signs up for the new Krispy Kreme Rewards program between April 30th and May 11th will receive a free glazed donut.

Dozens More Deals Available

Between April 30th and May 11th, Krispy Kreme rewards members will receive a variety of deals including free coffee and more free doughnuts.

New Rewards Program: More Points, More Choices

The new Krispy Kreme rewards program is all about giving members more. You'll earn points faster than before and be able to redeem them for an even wider variety of Krispy Kreme treats!

Birthday Treats & Exclusive Offers

Krispy Kreme Rewards members will receive a free birthday treat every year.

Join Krispy Kreme Rewards Today

Krispy Kreme fans can sign up for a membership through the restaurant’s app or on its website.

Krispy Kreme x Kit Kat: A Limited-Time Collaboration

Don't miss out on this chance to try these creative and mouthwatering doughnuts that combine the best of Krispy Kreme and Kit Kat! Remember, these are only available for a limited time.

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