The highly anticipated Fallout London mod, in development for years, has been delayed due to Bethesda's surprise announcement of a next-gen update for Fallout 4.

Team FOLON's ambitious Fallout 4 total conversion mod faces a setback.

Team FOLON prioritizes accessibility. Releasing for the current version would exclude players who benefit from the next-gen update.

Why the Delay? Maintaining Compatibility

Team FOLON explains the impracticality of maintaining separate builds for current and next-gen versions, considering their ambitious plans.

Maintaining Two Builds - A Balancing Act

The team expresses optimism that the next-gen update will be minor and easily integrated, allowing them to deliver the mod quickly.

A Hope for Minor Update and Speedy Fix

Team FOLON acknowledges the frustration but emphasizes their commitment to releasing a high-quality mod. They might be forced to release the current version if the update poses significant risks.

A Difficult Choice: Release Now or Wait?

The team remains optimistic that the next-gen update won't cause major issues and they can quickly adapt the mod.

Hoping for a Smooth Transition

As a last resort, Team FOLON might have to release the mod in its current state to avoid further delays.

Worst-Case Scenario: Releasing an Incomplete Mod

Thank readers for their interest and promise to keep them updated on the situation.

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