Embark on your journey as a Ronin in Rise of the Ronin! Before you begin, choose your Blade Sharpening Origin to shape your starting skills and playstyle.

Forge Your Path

Blade Sharpening Origins define your initial strengths and abilities. There are six options, each suited for a different playstyle. Let's delve into each one!

Understanding Blade Sharpening Origins

The Killer is a force to be reckoned with. They excel in close combat, wielding heavy blades and starting with the Counterspark ability to deflect projectiles.

The Killer (00:49)

The Breaker is a master of improvisation. They begin with high dexterity and the Rapid Assassination skill, allowing for quick takedowns of multiple enemies.

The Breaker (1:18)

The Seducer is a master of manipulation. They boast high charm and might have unique dialogue options or influence over NPCs. (Note: Specific details about the Seducer's abilities are not mentioned in the provided content)

The Seducer (1:44)

The Sapper specializes in setting traps and explosives. They likely have high intelligence and access to crafting skills for creating deadly devices.

The Sapper (2:17)

The Beginner is a well-rounded option, perfect for newcomers. They have balanced stats and might come with basic skills in various combat styles.

The Beginner (2:46)

The Unsharpened is for those who crave a challenge. They start with the lowest stats across the board, offering a blank slate for customization.

The Unsharpened (3:16)