Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the world, and now, a new chip inspired by the human brain could take things to the next level.

A collage of different AI applications, such as self-driving cars, robots, and smartphones.

 Developed by researchers at Tsinghua University, the Tianmoc chip is designed to mimic how the human brain processes visual information.

 A close-up image of the Tianmoc chip.

 Traditional AI chips often struggle with complex environments, such as sudden changes in light or strong interference.

 A self-driving car encountering a challenging visual situation, like heavy rain or fog.

Tianmoc is designed to overcome these challenges by offering:

 A diagram illustrating the different capabilities of the Tianmoc chip.

 The chip's design is based on the principles of the human visual system, deconstructing visual information into "primitives" and then combining them to mimic human perception.

 A side-by-side comparison of the human brain and the Tianmoc chip, highlighting their similarities.

 While initially envisioned for self-driving cars and robots, Tianmoc has the potential to be used in everyday devices like smartphones, offering new functionalities as production costs decrease.

 A person using a smartphone with enhanced AI capabilities powered by the Tianmoc chip.

 Tianmoc builds upon the success of the team's previous brain-inspired chip, Tianjic, which was featured on the cover of Nature in 2019.

 A split-screen showing the Tianjic and Tianmoc chips side-by-side.

 Researchers believe that Tianmoc and future iterations could contribute to the development of AGI, a type of AI capable of human-like learning and reasoning.

 A futuristic illustration of an AGI robot interacting with humans.

 The Tianmoc chip represents a significant step forward in brain-inspired computing, potentially leading to a new era of AI development.

 A timeline showcasing the evolution of AI technology, with the Tianmoc chip as a major milestone.

 Tianmoc's potential applications could include:

 A collage showcasing various potential applications of the Tianmoc chip.