Climate Change - An Urgent Threat

Climate change is a pressing threat to our planet's future.

Geophysical Research Letters - A Platform for Knowledge

Geophysical Research Letters has published numerous studies on climate change.

Uncertainties in Climate Models

 Climate models offer valuable insights, but have limitations.

Metrics for Measuring Climate Change

 Climate sensitivity metrics measure Earth's warming response to greenhouse gases.

Importance of Understanding Underlying Processes

 Model representation of processes impacts derived climate sensitivity metrics.

A Groundbreaking Study "Causes of Higher Climate Sensitivity in CMIP6 Models"

 This highly cited study investigated the increased sensitivity in CMIP6 models.

Higher Sensitivity in CMIP6 Models

The study found a significant increase in effective climate sensitivity in CMIP6 models.

Source of Higher Sensitivity Cloud Feedbacks

The study attributes the increase to stronger negative cloud feedbacks in CMIP6 models.

Implications and the Need for Further Research

Need for rigorous evaluation of cloud physics parameterizations and other feedback mechanisms.


 Geophysical Research Letters is proud to contribute to advancements in climate science.