Explore the enchanting Shangri La, a haven created by Doris Duke. Immerse yourself in a fusion of Islamic architecture, stunning interiors, and serene gardens.

Discover the Mermaid Caves, luminous sea grottos formed by waves. Take a swim or kayak adventure and enter a magical underwater world.

Escape the crowds and head to Puaʻena Point. This hidden cove offers pristine beaches, ideal for relaxation, swimming, or learning to surf.

Explore the Kawainui Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary, a haven for native birds and plants. Hike through the marsh and witness the beauty of Oahu's diverse ecosystem.

Find peace and serenity at the Byodo-In Temple, a stunning replica of a 10th-century Japanese temple.

Witness the raw power of nature at the Halona Blowhole. Watch in awe as waves crash into a lava rock formation, sending water shooting skyward.

Escape the crowds and find relaxation at Laniakea Beach. This secluded paradise offers stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere.

Go beyond the tourist hotspots and experience the true spirit of Aloha. Immerse yourself in the local culture, connect with friendly residents, and create unforgettable memories in Honolulu.