Arai is celebrating 40 years of being a helmet sponsor at the Isle of Man TT, the world's oldest and most famous road race.

A 40-Year Partnership

Arai is proud of its commitment to providing protection to riders in the grueling Isle of Man TT.

Dedication to Safety

The Isle of Man TT has been a valuable resource for Arai's research and development.

A Partnership for Development

Arai helmets have been trusted by some of the most iconic Isle of Man TT riders.

 Legendary Riders, Legendary Helmets

 Michael Dunlop, an Arai-sponsored rider, will be aiming for his 26th TT win in June.

 Michael Dunlop Chasing History

The first day of racing will feature a parade lap with past and present riders.

 Celebrating the Partnership

 To celebrate, Arai has launched a special edition Isle of Man TT helmet.

 New Limited Edition Helmet

 Arai will release a special TT anniversary video called "Behind the Visor" on May 31st.

Behind the Visor: A Look Back

 Quote by Michio Arai about the 40-year relationship with the TT.

Arai's Pride in the Partnership

 Quote by Michio Arai wishing good luck to all riders, especially Michael Dunlop.

 Well Wishes from Arai