A Pioneering Astronaut

William Anders, a legendary astronaut who participated in the Apollo 8 mission, passed away on Friday at the age of 90.

A Historic Mission

Anders was part of the Apollo 8 crew, one of the first missions to orbit the Moon. The mission took place in December 1968.

The Breathtaking "Earthrise" Photo

During the mission, Anders captured the now-famous "Earthrise" photo, a breathtaking image of our planet rising above the Moon's surface.

A Lasting Legacy

The "Earthrise" photo is considered one of the most impactful images in history. It has been featured in numerous publications and auctions.

Tributes Pour In

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson honored Anders' contribution, highlighting the profound impact of his work.

A Life of Accomplishment

Born in Hong Kong in 1933, Anders had a distinguished career. He held various leadership positions after his time at NASA.

Beyond Apollo 8

Anders served as the first chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and US ambassador to Norway. He also led the defense and aerospace company General Dynamics.

The Enduring Spirit of Exploration

The Apollo 17 mission marked the last time humans walked on the Moon in 1972. NASA plans to send new astronauts, including the first woman and person of color, to the Moon in the coming years.

Farewell, William Anders

 William Anders will be remembered for his groundbreaking contribution to space exploration and the awe-inspiring "Earthrise" photo.