Regular noise-canceling headphones block out ambient sounds, but they don't let you choose what you hear.

 Noise Cancellation Isn't Enough

 Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a new AI system for headphones.

 Introducing Target Speech Hearing (TSH)

 A diagram showing a person wearing headphones looking at another person speaking.

 How it Works

 The user taps a button and looks at the desired speaker for a few seconds.

 Enroll the Speaker (3- 5 seconds)

 The headphones capture the speaker's voice and use AI to learn their unique characteristics.

 AI Analyzes Voice Patterns

 The AI filters out all other sounds, leaving only the target speaker's voice clear and audible.

 Focus on the Chosen Voice

 A person wearing headphones in a crowded restaurant, smiling and listening intently.

 Benefits of TSH

Focus on conversations even in loud places like parties or busy streets.

 Hear Clearly in Noisy Environments

 Never miss a word in a conversation, even when surrounded by background noise.

 Improved Conversation Clarity

Tests showed users rated the clarity of the target speaker's voice nearly twice as high with TSH.

 Study Results