The Starting Line: A Bustling Farmer's Market

Our journey begins at a bustling farmer's market, where we'll gather the freshest seasonal ingredients for our Thanksgiving feast.

Fields of Plenty: A Celebration of Agriculture

We'll travel through America's agricultural heartland, learning about the rich history and importance of farming that brings food to our tables.

A Hometown Welcome: A Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

We'll be welcomed into a local home for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, experiencing the warmth and togetherness of this cherished holiday.

Cornbread Stuffing Secrets: Learning from the Experts

We'll learn the secrets of making perfect cornbread stuffing from a local family, a Thanksgiving staple with regional variations.

Pumpkin Patch Fun: Fall Festivities in the Heartland

We'll join in the fall festivities at a pumpkin patch, picking the perfect pumpkin for a delicious Thanksgiving pie.

Pies with Pride: A Local Bakery's Thanksgiving Delights

We'll visit a local bakery and witness the artistry of pie-making, learning about the variety of regional Thanksgiving pie flavors.

The Gratitude Table: Sharing Thanks with the Community

We'll participate in a heartwarming tradition - a gratitude table - where we share what we're thankful for with the local community.

A Toast to Togetherness: Thanksgiving Traditions New and Old

We'll experience the unique blend of new and old Thanksgiving traditions celebrated in the American heartland.

The Grand Finale: A Thanksgiving Feast to Remember

We'll culminate our journey with a memorable Thanksgiving feast under the open sky, surrounded by new friends and filled with gratitude.

The Journey Continues: Bringing the Heartland Home

We'll return home with a taste of the heartland, inspired to recreate these traditions and flavors in our own Thanksgiving celebrations.