Ever felt like college reviews were missing something? We did too! So, we're packing our bags and hitting the road to meet students and professors behind the ratings.

The Inspiration

Our epic journey will take us across [number] states, visiting a diverse range of universities - from historic Ivy Leagues to hidden gems. Follow along to see where we're headed next!

The Route

We'll be chatting with students about their experiences - from the best classes to the quirkiest professors (and everything in between).

The College Confidential

We'll be getting to know the professors behind the Rate My Professor reviews. What's their teaching style? What are their research interests?

Professor Profiles: Beyond the Ratings

College isn't just about textbooks. We'll be exploring the unique vibes of each campus - from hidden coffee shops to legendary school traditions.

Campus Culture: More Than Just Academics

 Every college town has its own charm. We'll be venturing beyond the campus walls to discover hidden gems and local favorites.

The Local Flavor

College isn't all serious business, and neither is our road trip! Buckle up for some laughs and unexpected adventures along the way.

Road Trip Shenanigans

 Have questions about college life, specific schools, or just want to know what it's like on the road? Drop a comment below and we'll answer!

Ask Us Anything!

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Follow Our Journey

After all is said and done, we'll share our final thoughts on each school - helping you navigate the college search with real-life insights and a dash of humor.

The Final Verdict