Codemasters promises the most immersive F1 experience ever with a massive physics update. Improved traction and a refined tire model make for more predictable and exciting handling.

The reviewer struggled with certain corners in F1 23, but F1 24 allows for more confident attacking thanks to improved grip levels. This allows for pushing the limits and replicating real-life racing maneuvers.

The ability to control slides instead of spinning out adds a layer of depth and allows for more aggressive racing tactics. Low-speed cornering feels more connected, and improved traction on corner exits makes finding the racing line more intuitive.

A new suspension system reacts more realistically to bumps and kerbs, enhancing predictability and control. Iconic corners like Eau Rouge come alive thanks to this improved handling.

F1 24 offers more car setup options, including differential settings, a new engine braking slider, and more impactful adjustments for suspension and ride height.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulates the effects of dirty air from leading cars, causing loss of grip just like in real-life racing. DRS impact changes based on downforce setup, adding another layer of strategic decision-making.

Choose the "Hotlap" mode for strategic undercuts or unleash the powerful "Overtake" mode at the expense of battery life. Manual de-rating allows for battery management and more strategic overtaking opportunities.

While not a complete overhaul, Career Mode offers a fresh feel with new features like the Driver Recognition system. Completing goals increases your recognition, granting you influence on car development, secret meetings, and contract negotiations.

Career goals extend beyond just winning races. Tasks like achieving clean air lap times or managing battery levels add variety and keep you engaged throughout the season.

With a focus on improved handling, realistic racing physics, and a revamped Career Mode, F1 24 promises to be the most immersive Formula 1 experience yet.